Reader Reviews

I promise none of these people were held at gunpoint or paid for their lovely comments. I’m humbled that anybody has read my work, and extremely grateful to everyone who leaves a review – even a bad one!

Author Daley James Francis comes out of the gate strong with this debut novel and I will be watching for additional reads as I like his style.


In this sometimes cynical, often poignant while funny read, we travel back in time to being in our early 20’s when life is full of promise and hope.  Well, except in this case.

Written in first person we get a comical look (and sometimes bittersweet look) at those early adult years.

Struggling to make ends meet, loving someone and losing them and thinking there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel sometimes soon – right?

This was a great read – realistically written with language that the author himself calls “pottymouthed” the language fit the story and I wouldn’t have changed a word.

Funny read – and I’m glad I bought it.


This book was greatly master-pieced with the greatest of characters and the details were so vivid and to the tee as if I could close my mind and see what I was reading…. My favorite line in the book was Amy took Fluffy the Penguin for moral support when she went out on an adventure with the sketchbook….. wonderful…. thank you for the book lovely in every which way possible…. a must read for young adults and adults alike whom love to be engulfed in the fantasy/sci-fi of sorts.


The Book Belongs To starts with loss and then discovery. Amy, our child protagonist, loses her home then discovers her sketchbook in the ruins. Perhaps through this quirk of fate Amy discovers that what she draws comes to life, and this is where the wonder world of her imagination takes over. It is a real testament to the imagination of the author and also to the fascinating world inside the minds’ of our children. A great book to read with the kids but also one they can enjoy again and again on their own, highly recommended.


There is such genuine warmth and creativity in The Book Belongs To which is exactly what you need to make story time with the children an enjoyable experience for everyone. If reading exciting and captivating stories like this is something they get used to at an early age I firmly believe they will grow up reading for pleasure for the rest of their lives. There are lots of children’s books hitting the market these days it makes picking the best somewhat difficult, but I think I found a treasure in Daley Francis’s offering.


A very funny and entertaining read. Really refreshing to have a Rom-com from a young male’s perspective. Great stuff! 

Lucy Pickering, WALKING UP A SLIDE

Excellent book, couldn’t put it down! Very funny and well worth a read!

Lucy Crowden-Taylor, WALKING UP A SLIDE

Language is on the Blue side, but, this is a book for grown ups. If only by age and not in behaviour! Similarly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to future releases. Independent publications like this should start to shake up the somewhat stagnant world of creativity that we currently live in. Keep an eye on Daley Francis.

James Paul Smith, WALKING UP A SLIDE

A laid back read from the perspective of a wholly believable main male character. Crude and rude in places but never forced, just all part of the natural flow of conversation that makes you feel nostalgic with the brilliant attention to detail. I felt almost sad when it ended (although the ending is SO frustrating!) A good read for people in late twenties/ thirties.


Daley James Francis’s debut novel had me giggling like a small child. The story perfectly captures the painfully familiar moment in an adolescents life when your heart is broken for the first time. The story is a good length and it was refreshing to read a ‘Rom-Com’ from the guy’s perspective and what’s more interesting is the story is set pre-Facebook. We have it easy now-days! The characters are loud, proud, rude and crude and some of the dialogue exchanges are down right outrageous (and hilarious!) WARNING!! It’s definitely a book for the grown ups with some of the language and the odd steamy scene thrown in for good measure.