Based on a True Story… Witnessed by Drunks.

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SOMERFLIP also appeared on SPR’s Favourite Indie Books of 2015.

“British humor abounds in Francis’s brilliant comedy about English pubs, relationships, and the silly goings on of two English lads Gavin and Neil over the course of 48 hours, that anyone who have ever had a pint in a UK public house will enjoy. SPR says, “the characters and dialogue are a riot in this book, with parts that had me absolutely roaring with laughter.”

What’s it like: If Simon Pegg and Nick Frost wrote books, this would be it.”


Somerflip SM Photo

Somerflip is a funny and dramatic look at small town myths and legends, which are nearly always created by people who have consumed too much ale.

In a small town in the East Midlands, two twenty-something bricklayers, Gavin and Neil, have finished for the week, and head to their local pub to discuss everything from pooper-scoopers to the smoking habits of three year olds.

After a few pints, the subject turns to Rob Thomas, a local man blessed with a punch from Zeus. Rumour has it he caused a man to do a full somersault with one punch. Suffice to say, Gavin and Neil are his biggest fans.

The mood changes when Rob’s victim turns up at the pub with a sinister looking friend. A violent retribution has been planned for Rob, and he will soon realise that a ‘hardest man in town’ reputation means nothing when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun.

Set over one Saturday night and a Sunday morning in October, Somerflip is a story of love, family inherited reputations, violence, and the appreciation of sophisticated alcoholic beverages.

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