As much as I love writing books, my first passion has always been screenwriting, and film in general. I have been fortunate enough to work on a few short films (and one music video), and hope to do more in the future.

Here are my ‘greatest hits’ so far…

Book Trailer for Walking Up A Slide (2014)

I wanted a book trailer that summed up who I am as a writer. The answer: someone who takes nothing seriously but the writing itself.

Rocky Road (2013)

A boxing mockumentary about a man with a dream… and a moustache.

Common Ground (2013)

A bully discovers he shares the same passion for music as his victim.

Another Morning (Music Video – Spacement Apes) (2014)

Featuring the greatest acting performance of my career, this short was conceived, shot and edited in three hours. It was such a giggle. The band liked it too, which helps.

Forecast (2011)

A girl in an abusive relationship can’t see the signs that it is not going to end well for her.