Four books, written by me. Full of words. Some of them rude (not the kids book).

In 2013, I had several feature film screenplays written and no way of getting them made, or at least not right away. I started to adapt those screenplays into novels, with an eye on self-publishing them, which seemed a cool way to get your stories out into the world without all the jumping through hoops and gatekeeper nonsense.

In September 2014 I released my debut novel, the potty-mouthed rom-com-for-guys Walking up a Slide, which was good fun, got some good reviews, and made a few friends call me and say “Is that **** based on me!?”

In 2015 I adapted a children’s animated film screenplay into a novel for kids called This Book Belongs To, which is about a girl who finds a magic sketchbook that brings to life anything you draw in it. That was fun, and a friend of mine did the amazing illustrations.

In 2017, I wrote University of Life, a crime fiction novel that is Elmore Leonard meets Shane Meadows. I’d love to see it on the big screen, or Netflix, one day. Stephen Graham and Nicholas Hault in the leads. That’d be awesome.

I’m currently plotting the next few novels, which are a mixture of comedies, horrors, and some harrowing dramas, which will be painful to write but hopefully enjoyable to read.

Some reviews below…

University of Life review, from Self Publishing Review (5 stars)

Review for This Book Belongs To (Four stars)

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