That’s me on the right. On the left is friend and fellow filmmaker Lee Tomes. We won our Best Micro Short award on this night. Good times.

I’m Daley James Francis, an indie author, filmmaker and storyteller from Loughborough (Luff-bra) in the United Kingdom.

I also make a mean chicken and chorizo pasta, but doesn’t look as cool in bold.

I started making short films in 2009, and self-published my first of four novels (so far) in 2014.

I like to give all forms of storytelling a go. I’ve got theatre scripts, short stories and TV pilot scripts written, planned and plotted, and I love to collaborate with fellow filmmakers, screenwriters and creatives.

If you’d like to purchase any of my books, you can get them on Amazon and other marketplaces such as Barnes & Noble. Just search for my name. ‘Daley James Francis’. Not ‘Francis Daley’, or that nice chap from Freaks and Geeks.

Search for ‘Martin Sharpe is Sorry’ on YouTube to watch my award-winning short film, produced under the banner of Bang Average Films with my partner-in-film-crime Lee Tomes, and starring award-winning actor Dean Kilbey and the awesome Helen Lewis.

There’s plenty of stories to tell in the future, on screen, page and stage. I’ve just gotta get them out there, and COVID needs to feck off.

To have a chat, pitch a collaboration, or you’re a Nigerian prince who wants to send me loads of money for some reason, get in touch.

Let’s tell some stories…

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