Bang Average Films launches late 2017

I’m extremely proud and excited to announce the launch of Bang Average Films.

We are a Leicester based film collective (I don’t want to call it a company, we’re not a company) who will be making no-to-low budget short films, with an emphasis on comedy and drama.

Bang Average Films are looking for actors, filmmakers, musicians, camera operators, editors and tech folk to get together and make quality short films.

We have just gone into pre-production on our first comedy short, CAREERING, about a crazed Careers Advisor. The casting process has begun and we start shooting in October 2017.

The aim of Bang Average Films is to have an outlet for filmmakers in the East Midlands to be able to shoot, edit and release low-budget short films whenever they like. We have an open door policy and a collaborative attitude.

I meet so many people who are holding off making films because of a list of excuses that include:

  • No money
  • No script
  • No idea
  • No crew
  • No actors

Bang Average Films will do our best to fill the roles required and get stuff made. That’s our motto right there: GET STUFF MADE.

You can find our new website at There isn’t much on there at present but there will be soon, so keep checking in.


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