New Adventures in Screenwriting

When I started this writing journey, it was in the field of screenwriting.

It all started when Total Film gave away a free copy of the PULP FICTION screenplay when – like everyone else – I had become obsessed with that film. I watched it as an impressionable 15-year-old and thought “that’s what I want to do”.

A few short films of varying quality later, I gave screenwriting a break to focus on my books. It’s a very different discipline, but similar rules apply: don’t bore the audience and cut the shit.

After releasing my latest book, UNIVERSITY OF LIFE, I decided to give screenwriting another go.

I had already written several TV pilots, feature scripts and short film screenplays. I gave them all a cold read and started rewriting the ones I liked, especially the shorts, which were the more likely to get made.

I contacted a couple of filmmaker buddies and got a couple of projects up and running. One is a psychological horror/thriller called CHILDLINE, which is in pre-production as I’m writing this (in the casting phase, very exciting). The other is CAREERING, a comedy short in the vein of PARKS AND REC or THE OFFICE. Both will be made this year.

I’ve also set up BANG AVERAGE FILMS, a new film production collective (I hate to use the word ‘company’) that will be the banner for all my future film projects. I’m always looking for collaborators (directors, DOPs, musicians, etc.) so get in touch if you fancy making something together.

I’ll post more as the projects come along. In the meantime, stop reading this and get writing!


Coming soon…

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