Four Books in Two Years Ain’t Bad

After taking a punt on one of my word farts, a few old friends have been in touch to let me know that they’ve enjoyed reading them.

As I’ve said before, it’s by far the most rewarding part of doing this. If I sold a million books, but received no feedback, it’d be pointless (even if the size of my house and subsequent cocaine habit would be f***ing enormous).

Whenever somebody writes to me and says something like this…


…it means more to me than any book sales (although obviously you can’t have one without the other).

After getting some nice feedback in a wave, I thought back to when I first decided to write Walking Up A Slide, which was as a screenplay, back in 2006. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become a book, and self-publishing was even less likely. It wasn’t even on the horizon. It was all about scripts and films back then.

I still love film (in fact, my next project is a short film), but it’s difficult for me. Without sounding too negative, there’s a lot of people in film that are waiting for a handout, or talking a great game without any follow-through. Films don’t get made that way, and for writers (and especially impatient, prolific arse-heads like me) that is a pain in the backside, especially if they have no interest in the directing/technical side of things.

Fortunately, there are pro-active film folks out there who work hard and get the job done. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with a couple, and will be collaborating with another do-er on a new short early next year.

Back to books though…

I recently looked at the publish date for Walking… October 2014. It seems like yesterday that I put it out into the world, and made me realise that I’ve now released four books in two years (University of Life is out in December, so two years and two months).

That’s pretty good going for somebody who didn’t want to write books, or didn’t expect to at least. From this point on, I’m looking to release one book a year and get one short film made a year. I’ve got my next two novels planned, and plenty of short scripts and ideas, too. I’m going to be a busy boy, hopefully.


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