UNIVERSITY OF LIFE in final editing stages

Squeaky bum time!

UNIVERSITY OF LIFE is getting closer to being complete. My editor is having a final proofread, and then it’ll be left to me to do my final chopping phase, where I go all Texas Chainsaw with my writing and hack away until it is as tight as it can possibly be.

My number one rule in writing is don’t be precious. When you learn to let stuff go, the finished product becomes so much better. I’ve taken out two of my favourite jokes/lines from UOL, and as much as it killed me to do it, I knew it was for the greater good. Leaving them in would’ve served nothing but my ego, and who needs that shit?

The next phase will be to let my book cover designer know the exact number of pages so he can adjust the spine width, then get CreateSpace to ship me a proof copy. That’s when it gets real. It’s my favourite part of the process. There’s nothing quite like holding your first copy in your hands for the first time. It’s a great feeling.

Once I’m happy with it (my wife will be reading the proof copy on the train to work to keep an eye out for any errors), you’ll be able to purchase your copy. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a December release.

I’d like to give a few away and do a competition or two for Christmas, so keep an eye out on here or on Instagram if you follow me there. I’m @DaleyJFrancis1981 if you’re interested.


University of Life Front Cover

Front cover of University of Life



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