David Haye’s Wise Words on Negativity

Boxing is my favourite sport. I’ve loved it since I was a kid, and I’m fascinated by the mindset that the best fighters have to be in to be the best.

David Haye is a fighter that I have mixed feelings about. He’s always looks the part, and he’s always had the potential to be great, but sometimes it feels like there’s something missing.

His capitulation against Wladimir Klitschko in 2011 was unforgivable to most boxing fans, and his recent opponents have done nothing to soften their opinion of him as a fighter who isn’t prepared to take risks to get to the top. However, when he’s on form, there aren’t many fighters out there as explosive or as exciting as he is. Hence why he’s so frustrating.

Haye’s always had a great outlook and attitude. I recently read his interview with the Huffington Post, and I found this superb nugget of wisdom, on the subject of negativity: 

“It can take a lifetime to build a monument, but only one single match to burn it all down in hours. Many people in our society (particularly on social media) spend much of their time diminishing others’ flames to give their weak flame the allusion of it appearing brighter.”

– David Haye

You can read (and watch) the full interview here.

I think that sportsmen, writers, or anyone who is putting themselves out there should take these words on board.


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