Learning a Lesson About Spammers The Hard Way

Hey folks,

I recently (and in hindsight, rather naively) gave up my old domain name daleyjfrancis.com in order to start anew here. The old domain had links that were more screenwriting and freelance writing based, and as I’m now concentrating 100% on books, I figured I’d give it up.

Bad idea.

Turns out that a few spam-loving chancers thought it would be a good idea to purchase my domain and host a breeding ground of spammy content. I couldn’t care less if my domain name was anything but my name, but these guys are essentially using my name to boost their shit blogs about weight loss and anything else they’re desperate to get ranked for on Google. Nobody on the site is called Daley James Francis, so why use the domain name?

Wanky SEO practices, that’s why.

I only have myself to blame, and I’m not looking for sympathy. I just wish that some people would put the effort in, instead of half-arsing everything. Stop taking shortcuts and do the work. It’s far more rewarding.

90% of the folks who have linked to my old site have helpfully removed the links, and I’ve sent a report to Google to have the site removed from their rankings on copyright and phishing grounds.

I’ve used the contact form on the spam site three times now, politely asking them to change the domain name. I’m guessing they’re not going to give it up without Google kicking them out.

I just hope that I can build this site up enough to remove the old one from search, and that nobody heads to that site and thinks any of that bullshit is written by me.



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