Hello and welcome!

I’m Daley James Francis, an Indie Author. I’ve released four novels so far:

You can check them out on my books page, or buy the buggers from a small company named Amazon (just search my name).

I started writing stories as a kid, and the only difference between then and now is the size of my beard. I’m sure my spelling and grammar has improved, too.

I graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester with a degree in Creative Writing and Journalism in June 2012, and I haven’t put a pen or laptop down since.

Being a writer is a privileged position. I get to tell stories, collaborate with great people, and create work that everyone involved can be proud of.

Watch the book trailer below to get a feel for the kind of writer I am:

If you fancy a chat, you can get in touch with me via email or follow me on Instagram @DaleyJFrancis1981. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, there’s only so many hours in the day, and I’d rather do something productive, like look at pictures of food, and dogs. Oh yeah, and write.

I’m always looking to converse with writers, filmmakers and all other creative peeps.

For more info about me and my self-publishing journey, read this interview I did with Self Publishing Review.


Daley James Francis – Author and Idiot.

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